5 Best Painting Hacks to Help You Paint a Room like a Pro

5 Best Painting Hacks to Help You Paint a Room like a Pro

TowerTools is a leading platform that offers a diverse range of high-end painting tools for different painting requirements. Catering to every painting project, we have a distinguished set of tools that will provide maximum flexibility and comfort in accomplishing the most daunting painting tasks. Painting Hacks by our expert at TowerTools can help you to complete your dream home or office decor.

Painting is an art but can be a daunting task for many of us. The fact is, not everyone has the ability to deliver perfection when they are actually dealing with paints. Especially when it comes to painting a room, you really need to be very careful regarding various aspects to keep your painting clean, effective, and attractive. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, we have offered some helpful painting hacks which will definitely allow you to deliver your task like a perfectionist leaving no drawbacks. Apart from a proper painting tool, these hacks will provide a great ease for you to overcome some most tedious processes and evolve your new ones.

Painting Hacks-

Use Fabric Softeners for Your Brushes

When you soak your brushes with a fabric softener, it keeps the bristles straight and avoids any bends or curves in the hair. This gives you a perfect tool in the form of a brush with steady and soft bristles to mark your creativity in the best possible way. You need to buy paint brushes of some good brand to ensure quality performance through them.

Always use an Extension Pole

Buy extension poles online if you really want to be cozy while painting work. An extension pole offers great flexibility while painting a room. It helps to reduce the strain on your arms and back while painting and supports better positions. It also supports using paint roller with handle and allows better control over the pressure applied for painting different corners.

Use High-quality Paint and Roller Covers

It is another major aspect of painting. You can’t get the best finish with cheap paint. It has to be a superior quality paint if you want your walls to shine for a longer duration. A cheap quality roller cover will also shed hairs in between and can leave marks on the wall which will look quite odd.

Lemon Extracts & White Vinegar to Keep your Room Odorless

Paints are often subject to strong odor which makes it difficult for anyone to dwell in that room for a week at least. You can use some lemon extract or white vinegar to keep the quality of your paint intact and leave no odor once it is applied to your walls. You can also search for a paint tray in UAE to make it more precise and convenient.

Use petroleum Jelly for areas you don’t want to paint

There are certain small areas in a room which you don’t need to paint. Things like screws, hinges, frames and some wooden borders are not supposed to be painted in the same way you paint a wall. Applying some petroleum jelly on them will protect them from the paint and you can paint them differently with some other color if required. Using petroleum jelly can be an effective tool to keep your painting job neat, clear, and perfect.

All these hacks will definitely help you to manage painting smoothly and get a perfect finish. TowerTools is a one-stop solution to buy paint tools in UAE. You will get some most exciting range of high-quality painting tools at affordable prices.

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