5 Myths and Facts you must know about Home Painting

5 Myths and Facts you must know about Home Painting

People are often much anxious about getting a home painting task done. It seems to be a quite tedious task for them for multiple reasons but the fact is that painting can be a fun game if you approach it in a well-planned way and with quality-proven painting tools. You can search for polythene sheet suppliers in UAE to keep your furniture and decors clean, opt for drop sheets to keep your floor secure from paint stains everywhere and many more. The technology has certainly transformed many aspects related to painting tasks and have provided an easier way to accomplish any painting task with great perfection and finish. This article will guide you on some most common myths and facts about painting which you must know before getting started with your next home painting project.

Let’s have a look on some commonly spread myths first

Myth No.1: It should be a warm sunny day to paint

The paints which were available in the market two or three decades ago were completely different from those which are available now. You don’t actually need to wait for a sunny day or summers to get your home painted.

Myth No.2: The paint color will be same on walls as on the color swatch

This may depend on number of factors like exposure to sunlight, temperature, surrounding, and the quality of lighting at your home. The color that you see on a color swatch may and may not have the same impression depending on the above-mentioned factors.

Myth no.3: A two-coat paint is compulsory

This is a very common misconception that you need to do a two-coat paint to achieve desired results. This completely depends on the quality of your walls. If the walls have not developed cracks and paint chips, good quality spray paints online with single coat will serve the purpose quite well.

Myth No.4: Primer is not required for smooth walls

It doesn’t matter whether your wall is smooth or scrambled, the purpose behind using a primer is to allow paint stick better to the walls and provide strength to it.

Myth No.5: Painting tools have nothing to do with quality of painting

Good quality paint tools offer much convenience and flexibility in accomplishing any painting task. You will surely end in a disappointment if you choose cheap painting tools. Search some polythene sheet suppliers in UAE for better protection of your furniture and decors while home painting.

Now here are some major facts about home painting which you must be aware of

Fact No.1: Red paint at main entrance symbolizes many different things

If your main door is painted with a red color, it may symbolize something different which you have thought of it. For instance, in ancient times, a red paint door in U.S assures that the house is fit for a night stay during long travel. In Scotland, it refers that the home is mortgage free. So use this color wisely.

Fact No.2: Paint colors directly impact your mood

Many experts have proven this fact that colors have different impacts on our moods. For instance, Blues and Greens are considered good to release your stress while Red and Orange raises you energy level.

Fact No.3: Use good quality painting tools to get the best result

No matter how expensive paint you buy for your home, without good quality paint tools in UAE, you cannot deliver absolute perfection in your task.

Fact No.4: Vanilla extract reduces Fumes effect

If you mix a tablespoon of vanilla extract in your paint, you can really get rid of that stinky odor coming out of your newly painted walls.

Fact No.5: Almost 10% of the paint goes waste

Yes, this has been proven in a survey done by some best sites of U.S. We often throw out 10% of the paint we buy for any painting task. Look for a paint tray in UAE and make effective use it avoid wastage.

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