5 Steps to Estimate a Painting Job for Beginners

5 Steps to Estimate a Painting Job for beginners

Painting is an art and it needs proper skills and efficiency to perform it practically. Every hardworking person should earn the money they deserve. If you are an expert then estimating a project gets easy for you but it is equally difficult for a newbie. Are you a skilled painter who recently started working? We understand your problem of estimating a painting job and quoting a price for your first project. Well, we are here to help you. Keep reading to know how you can estimate a painting job in just 5 steps. 

Steps for Estimation a Painting Job for Beginners-

Here are the simple steps one should follow for estimating a painting job for a beginner.

1. Visit the site first

This is a basic step that every worker must follow. Before taking up a project visit the site and have a good look at it. Understand the size of the project and the condition of the walls. As a painter, the first thing that comes to your mind is the area to be covered. Take a look at the condition of the walls and the black patches that need to be covered. Also, clear up all your doubts before starting a project to avoid any confusion. Ask them who will supply the paints and required tools. Also, make sure the brands of paint they prefer.

2. Find a reliable supplier

The second step is to get the exact cost of your paint. Make sure you buy from a regular supplier so you can get a discount as well. It would be better if you buy all the items from a single retailer. You can buy all the tools from one supplier and ask them for a concession. If you want to buy paintbrushes, spray paints or paint roller with handle make sure everything is brought from the same place. Once you build good relations with the supplier you can get a loyalty discount every time you buy anything.

3. Get the estimated cost of material

An estimated cost of your material will help you get an idea of the total cost. Materials usually have a variety of prices across the city. You must find the best paint roller suppliers in UAE to get the materials at affordable rates. Make sure you add every item to get an accurate estimate, even if you buy sandpaper add the cost into your total.

4. Estimate labour cost

Another thing you must consider is the cost of labour. Usually, paint jobs need 2-3 workers who can help you. As you have the estimated cost, the total area of the project and the quantity of paint you can figure out the number of days it will take to complete the project. Accordingly, discuss the charges the labours would ask for.

5. Commission and your profit

The last but very important step is adding the commission. Usually, projects are assigned via lead providers. They would charge some commission for providing a project. Once you add the commission the final thing is your profit margin. Do the complete calculation and add your profit as per your requirement. Ideally, beginners charge 20 %to 30% of the profit. You can charge as per the demand of the client and your service.

We hope this article helps you to figure out how to quote a price for your first painting project. Make sure your estimated calculations are accurate, add all the required items to find out the total cost. Remember – you are an artist and your skill is worth every penny you charge.

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