Explore Extensive Range of Handy Paint Tray from Towertools

Explore Extensive Range of Handy Paint Tray from Towertools

Painting is a tedious task for many people but the good thing is, you can make it much convenient and flexible by opting some quality-proven paint tools in UAE. Apart from getting some good quality paint rollers, drop sheets, paint edger, and extension poles, you must focus on getting a branded handy paint tray. These trays are a much required tool to accomplish your DIY painting task with absolute perfection. TowerTools Building Materials and Trading LLC is a leading supplier of good quality paint tools in UAE. You can explore extensive range of handy paint tray from here at best affordable price. We have mentioned some different types of paint trays which you can get from this renowned paint tools supplier and deliver your painting task with absolute flexibility and comfort.

Shurline Deep well Plastic Paint Tray

The brand Shurline needs no introduction as it is known worldwide to offer a wide range of exclusive paint tools. This paint tray is available in multiple colors and you just have to spend 9.30 dollars for it. This light-weight handy paint tray will offer you immense flexibility in painting different rooms and corners and can be carried and placed easily anywhere. It has the capacity to hold 1.5 liter paint that will offer you maximum coverage. It also features a roller rest and is easily attachable to ant ladder.

Sim Supply Paint Tray

This exclusive paint tray comes with an exciting price of mere 8.54 dollars and holds up to 1.5 liter paint at a time. You can opt for this handy paint tray for your DIY painting task if you want to deliver it with absolute comfort and flexibility. It is available in multi-colors and can be easily ordered online via TowerTools.

Bercom Handy Paint tray

This Bercom handy paint tray is an effective tool to get complete control over your painting instincts with a roller. It can easily hold a full gallon paint which eliminates the requirement of filling the paint tray again and again. It is built and designed to offer maximum flexibility to painters to deliver their task with sheer perfection.

HP Co. Handy Paint Tray

This handy paint tray is an effective and innovative solution for brush and roller painting. It easily holds full gallon paint at a time and you can cover maximum area once it’s filled fully. The unique design of this paint tray offers smooth and hassle-free painting to even the beginners. It’s solvent resistant to work with any paint or stain on the market.

Mafia Plastic paint Tray

This paint tray is made of recycled plastic to offer you the best affordable price for your painting task. This 9-inch paint tray is an ideal tool for any professional or beginner painter to deliver any sort of painting task with complete control over the painting task. Use drop sheets to keep your painting task smooth and clean and avoid any hassles after the painting task.

Steel paint trays

If are looking for a durable paint tray that you can use for next several years, the steel paint tray will surely be the best option for you. You can explore a wide range branded metal and steel paint trays from TowerTools. These paint trays are available in different sizes and colors among which you can easily pick one that suits your painting requirements. You can also explore some good quality spray paint tools from TowerTools.

TowerTools has marked a benchmark in offering sustainable painting solutions for over 20 years. Most professional painters prefer this paint tools supplier to get some advanced and exclusive quality painting tools.

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