Get the Best Drywall Joint Tape Price to Deal Drywall Cracks

Get the Best Drywall Joint Tape Price to Deal Drywall Cracks

Drywall is a plaster board sheet that is used to create partitions in large open areas and is also used as ceilings. As you settle down, these drywalls often develop cracks and holes with time which you need to fix using drywall joint tapes. Check drywall joint tape price online and order one. Drywall tapes are different from mesh tapes and require drywall compound, utility knife, sand paper and drywall screws to repair cracks and holes on it. TowerTools is a leading supplier of high quality paint tools and you can explore a wide range of products here including some exclusive quality drywall joint tapes. Get the best drywall joint tape price at TowerTools and that everything which you need for your upcoming DIY painting project. We have elaborated some tips related to the use of drywall joint tapes to fix issues effectively and get better finish on your drywalls.

How to repair drywall cracks?

Drywall cracks and holes are the most common and easiest repair work to do. However, you only know the type of damage you are going to deal with, hence, if it seems to be an extensive repair work, it will be better to hire professionals as they will be more capable people to deal with extensive drywall repair work.

The cracks and dents on drywalls are more of a cosmetic issue rather than structural problems. Use a utility knife to cut into a V-shape mark on drywall so that the compound gets easily adhered on it. Cover the cracks with drywall tape and then apply some drywall compound on it. Spread the compound perfectly over it and wait till it gets dried up completely. Once it get dried up, apply one more coat of compound over it, and this time, the layer of the compound should be little thicker than the first one. Smoothen the layer perfectly using a sand paper and your drywall is ready to paint once the compound gets dried up completely. You can choose to paint them with spray paints to get smooth and perfect finish. You can also use spray paints to ensure better finish.

How to Repair Drywall Holes?

To repair a hole or dent in drywall, you will need the following items:

Drywall panels, drywall compound, drywall tape, hardwood plywood, carpenter’s square, tape measure stud finder, hand saw, sand paper, and drywall screws and drill. You will get everything at TowerTools and you don’t need to search them in different hardware stores. Remember, the success of your drywall repair work depends much on the quality of tools and material you use.

Now place the studs nearest to either side of the hole. Outline the damaged area with the carpenter’s square. Try to remove the area at least an inch from top and bottom side of the hole. Make sure that it extends between the centers of the nearest stud on either side of the hole. Then measure a piece of plywood that covers at least an inch or two extra on both sides of the hole. Now attach he plywood to the drywall vertically and it will offer an extra support to the patch. Use your carpenter’s square to measure and cut the piece of drywall for the patch. Place drywall screws at least an inch from the edges of the patch.

Now cover the seams using drywall tape and let the tape embed with drywall compound. Smoothen the first coat of the compound perfectly and when it gets dried up completely, apply another coat of compound following the same procedure. Smooth the layer using sand paper to make it ready for painting. Use PU Foam spray for better finish and get desired results.

Apart from getting the best drywall joint tape price on TowerTools, you will get a wide range of premium quality paint tools.

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