Leading Silicone Sealant Suppliers in UAE

silicone sealant suppliers in uae

Towertools is a leading silicone sealant suppliers in UAE which are available in different proportions. A silicone sealant is generally used as an adhesive to protect moisture, air, and dust entering into a particular place or an object. It creates a strong adhesive bond and protects surfaces from chemicals and other harmful materials. Some of its common uses are home repair work and fixing leakage from water supplies. These are also commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture can be a major factor in causing severe damages. It is a thick gel-like adhesive which is applied at the corners of a sink or a bath tub and within 24 hours, it takes a rubber-like shape and form. Often used for window seals, door seals, fridge seals, plumbing joints, and wire entry seals, this silicone sealant is a useful adhesive to keep them absolutely safe for long duration. Look for some fiberglass mesh supplier in UAE to make sure that you have provided enough strength to the surfaces.

Types of sealants

Sealants are available in different modulus and based on the surface to be applied, it can be selected aptly. Before approaching silicone sealant suppliers in UAE, you must know the types of sealants available in market. Here are some most common silicone sealants and their uses:

High Modulus Acetoxy

These are often used for applying on surfaces which are more prone to wet conditions. Like your bathrooms and kitchens are fixed with high modulus silicone sealants. These can also be used for shop fronts, showcases, and for glass joints.

Low Modulus Acetoxy

These are the most commonly used sealants as it supports multipurpose sealing works suitable for different building materials, glazing interiors, and exterior applications.

Sanitary Silicone

You must have noticed formation of mould on silicone due to excessive exposure to moisture. To reduce this mould formation, sanitary silicone sealants are used to make surfaces smooth and secure from moisture. TowerTools is one of the best Silicone Sealant Suppliers in UAE meeting all customer demand.

Neutral Cure Silicone

Most of the silicone sealants produce an acetic smell when cured. Especially when you apply them on some polycarbonate materials, they might suffer some sligh staining. Neutral cure silicone is used to remove the production of acetic acid while curing and keep it intact.

Before you search for silicone sealant suppliers in UAE and get started with applying silicone sealant, you need to know the right type of sealant for a particular place. The strength and durability of a silicone sealant depends much on the type of material on which it is applied. It is better to clean the surface thoroughly and then apply some primer on the surface before applying sealants on them. Primers help in adhering the sealant to the surface and keeps it smooth. Silicone sealants require much pressure when you apply them on different corners. The level of force exerted on the surface decides the level of durability that a sealant will offer.

You can get a wide variety of Noora brush in UAE along with a wide range of silicone sealants through TowerTools which are available at affordable prices. We deliver some best quality sealants for multipurpose uses which you can use during your painting and repair work at home. These strong adhesives can serve multipurpose tasks and its unique properties will save your valuable things from unwanted heat, moisture and from other harmful chemicals. So select the best thermal resistant and weather proof silicone sealant to offer long life to your different parts of home.

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